What Scholars did on their summer break

It’s a perennial back-to-school query from teachers: What did you do on your summer vacation? When we asked some of our Scholars students and alumni, they had a lot to tell us… and not surprisingly, they made the most of their summer break. Now that students have settled in on campus and the semester is a few weeks in, we highlight some of our impressive Scholars accomplishments from over the summer.


Beloved Life Sciences Director Steps Down From Scholars

Reid Compton, a longtime fixture of the Life Sciences Scholars program, has stepped down from his role as program director after nearly 10 years.

Students in canoes on Anacostia River

Environment, Technology and Economy (ETE) Scholars students participate in a field trip each year where they canoe down the Anacostia River and learn about human impacts on the wetland. In other parts of the world, human impacts have led to climate migration. PHOTO: ETE

3 Theme Questions With... Tim Knight

This is the first entry in our blog series, "Three Theme Questions with..." Throughout the year, our Scholars faculty and staff across programs will share their responses to three questions around our 2018–19 annual theme, "Migrations: Populations and Practices on the Move." The questions typically will focus on resources program directors are using for their colloquia.