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Media, Self and Society gives students the opportunity to engage in media-related active learning and to analyze the role various forms of media play in family life, politics, the economy and other elements of society.

With an ever-changing media landscape, we are constantly faced with questions of how new advancements in the industry will affect our daily lives. Whether it is the growth of social networking or the unceasing popularity of reality television, it is no doubt that media have an important presence in today’s society. Each entering class of approximately 75 media students will live and learn together, addressing these issues through a lively weekly colloquium and numerous hands-on learning opportunities.

Established in 1999 under the sponsorship of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, the Media program resides in Cumberland Hall. Every week, students meet to discuss and debate media-related topics ranging from the coverage of tragic events such as the Virginia Tech shooting to long-term trends such as the impact of technology on the way we consume news and entertainment. At the end of the first semester of the program, students engage in a video project giving them the chance to experiment with the production side of media.

In keeping with the tradition of experiential learning, a significant aspect of College Park Scholars, Media students participate in field trips to the Newseum as well as to media outlets such as NBC Studios in New York, and SiriusXM and The Washington Post in Washington D.C. In addition to outside-of-the-classroom experiences, the program also brings professionals from various media-related fields such as journalism, advertising, technology and public relations directly to students. Speakers and experts make regular visits colloquium, giving students a real-world perspective on working in the media.

The program also encourages students to explore on-campus media outlets. Every year, media students have the opportunity to host sports and music shows on WMUC, the campus radio station, help produce programs for UMTV, the University’s cable channel, write for Unwind, the program’s entertainment and arts magazine, and report for the Diamondback and other campus publications. The University of Maryland’s proximity to both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland provides extraordinary internship opportunities. Past Media Scholars have interned at major news organizations and media outlets throughout the area.

Welcoming students of all majors, the media program provides invaluable academic and experiential learning experiences that will be fundamental to success in all career endeavors.

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