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International Studies offers opportunity to build global awareness and community as well as explore political, economic, social and cultural issues through academic and experiential learning.

Tomorrow's world will have borders, but fewer boundaries. Global forces are shaping rich and poor societies alike. Sophisticated technologies are changing the way we make, trade, and even grow things, and the way we act and interact as consumers, citizens, and life-long learners. Vast global telecommunications networks alert us of new crises and new opportunities almost immediately. These political, social and economic forces of globalization are transforming cultures around the world -- especially our own.

The International Studies program brings together undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in global issues, politics, and events. International Studies students engage in a two-year journey shaped by multicultural and multidisciplinary living and learning, extensive exposure to global experts from on and off campus, trips to embassies, museums, and international organizations. As part of the International Studies Program, we also encourage students to partake in the variety of international events that occur on campus and off-campus, such as the Model United Nations and Model Organization of American States experiential simulations, and visits to embassies in Washington, D.C.

The International Studies program is founded upon the belief that understanding political structures, forces, and processes is crucial to interpreting international relations and global events. Accordingly, our curriculum places importance on key concepts and theories used by political scientists to discuss events and trends at the international level.

Of course, today's complex and interdependent world means that we must not limit our understanding of international studies to politics alone. The relationships among the world's governments must be viewed in connection with other actors, with socio-economic and cultural structures, and with historical and geographical influences. Therefore, the International Studies curriculum is inter-disciplinary and suitable for all undergraduate majors. We structure our courses to encourage critical thinking at various levels of analysis through different formats in colloquium, such as films, guest speakers, and small group discussions, developing students into dynamic global thinkers.

International Studies was one of the original four College Park Scholars programs launched in 1994, sponsored by the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and the Department of Government and Politics. The Faculty Director and the Teaching Assistants all have their roots in the Department of Government and Politics. Students in International Studies reside in Cumberland Hall.

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