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Global Public Health examines the connections between public health and a host of psychosocial, socioeconomic, environmental and geopolitical considerations and directly engages with public health organizations and community-based health agencies through internships, research or service-learning.

Global health transcends national boundaries and its study requires examination of sociocultural, economic, environmental and geopolitical systems and dynamics. As careers in global public health experience tremendous growth, there is increasing recognition of the importance of interdisciplinary training and collaboration. The University of Maryland's newly accredited School of Public Health is well positioned to prepare students for leadership and innovation in the field of global health.

The Global Public Health (GPH) program offers an interdisciplinary examination of the complex connections between health, culture, economic growth and development, and environmental sustainability. Students will gain an understanding of the conceptual and practical foundations of community health, explore global public health challenges and consider ways to improve population health within diverse contexts.

GPH offers students interested in allied medical fields, public and community health and the social sciences opportunities to explore the linkages between their primary field of study and global health. GPH helps students translate their in-the-classroom and out-of-the-classroom experiences into academic and professional skills. Students interact with leading experts in the field of public health and attend field trips to agencies involved in global health, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Students gain contextual understanding through a capstone practicum, internship or research project, in which they examine their learning within the program and from their respective academic majors. Global Public Health is sponsored by the School of Public Health, and students live in Centreville Hall.

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