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Environment, Technology and Economy explores the concept of global sustainability by examining the relationships among natural and built environments; advances in technology and efficiency; and the impact of various economic sectors, such as energy, transportation and industry.

"Global sustainability has become one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century, where technological, environmental, and economic forces must converge for a sustainable future. Professionals of all disciplines and cultures have combined forces to explore challenges and potential solutions to these interrelated processes. This ongoing exploration is the foundation of the Environment, Technology, and Economy (ETE) program.

ETE welcomes academically talented students of all majors who are interested in investigating the multiple dimensions of global sustainability, particularly in relation to their own majors. Each semester, our faculty engages our community in the most up-to-date developments in global sustainability -- from the growth of the green business ventures, to technological advances in clean energy production, to human impacts on endangered species.  In ETE, we strive to educate our students not just on sustainability, but also on how to be better students, university citizens, and professionals.  Students live together in the Cambridge Community and student exploration will extend beyond the classroom through field trips, internships, on-campus events, and community service.

Our weekly colloquia explore varied and rich topics like corporate social responsibility and movement toward renewable energy sources. ETE students enjoy out-of-the-classroom experiences as they visit sites around the region that are applying cutting edge technologies to solve environmental problems, including past trips to a wind farm, a coal-fired power plant, recycling centers, water treatment facilities and the Baltimore Aquarium. Students also have attended environmental film festivals, gone canoeing, geocaching and hiking at local parks. Additionally, we incorporate a variety of speakers each year. In 2010, a Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander discussed the out-of-the-box ways the BP oil spill was contained; 2011 brought the "CE-Yo" of the largest organic dairy company in the world & in 2012 PepsiCo's Director of Sustainability presented on the necessity of understanding these issues as they apply to global corporations.   As our campus is quickly moving to become one of the nation's greenest, we also work closely with the UMD's Office of Sustainability to see the sustainable initiatives here on our own campus.

As the diversity of students’ past internships has shown, global sustainability is relevant in every professional field.  In the past, students have worked with architectural firms, radio stations, hospitals, offices of senators, government agencies, and non-profits, just to name a few. In the ETE program, students of all majors will be able to make real world connections to their experience and will be prepared for academic and professional success.

The ETE program is sponsored by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources."

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