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Introduction to Business and Management
This course provides a framework for understanding what businesspeople do. We will explore the challenges that businesspeople must understand and face, including the global business environment, ethics and social responsibility, and the implications for fulfilling the fundamental business purpose of creating value for various stakeholders. We will address how businesspeople establish strategies to cope with these business challenges and succeed in the marketplace. In this introductory survey course, we will specifically explore marketing, accounting, finance, information systems, management, and entrepreneurship.

How do innovators think?
Creativity and innovation are integral to an organization’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. The power of innovation to revolutionize industries and generate financial success is evident from business history: Apple iPod replaced the Sony Walkman, Starbucks’s overtook traditional coffee shops, Skype utilized a strategy of free to edge out AT&T and British Telecom, eBay replaced classified ads and Southwest Airlines flew under the radar of traditional airlines such as United and American. In every case, the creative ideas of innovators produced sustainable competitive advantages over the dominant competitor. This course addresses the challenges and opportunities of managing innovation.

Enterprise Communications
Communication plays a critical role in almost every aspect of business – getting a job, managing employees, developing relationships with suppliers, presenting financial results, persuading providers of capital, etc.  Business leaders need to understand how to use communication strategies to build their teams to achieve organizational objectives. This course provides the communication principles that are so critical for today's managerial leader. With this in mind, the intent of this course is to help you be a more effective communicator.

A series of four one-credit courses comprise the colloquia in BSE. In the first semester, the weekly meetings complement the objectives of the Introduction to Business course, help students adapt to campus life, explore career objectives, and master the undergraduate academic requirements so that they can graduate on time. In the second semester, we explore business history and business ethics, using experiential methods such as issue debates and discussing movie documentaries. The third semester covers the linkages of business, law, and economics on such current issues as antitrust and technology policy. In the fourth semester, students have a choice of an internship, a service learning project, or a directed research project.

Interesting Colloquium and Lecture Topics

  • Seeing the Invisible: Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs
  • Company Transformation
  • Building a Brand
  • Managing Risk

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