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Business, Society and the Economy explores the worlds of business and economics – especially their impact on society—by learning business and economic fundamentals, visiting corporate leaders and their business both in Washington D.C., area and abroad, simulating real-life business models and engaging in team projects and simulations.

The BSE program is the perfect complement to any major and is appropriate for all who have an interest in learning about business. BSE is a four-semester living and learning program that allows students to engage with business school faculty, interact with business professionals, and  participate in community service activities. The BSE program is closely aligned with the University’s four strategic priorities: 1) Student opportunity and achievement; 2) Innovation and entrepreneurship; 3) Internationalization and 4) Service to the State of Maryland.

The program is a campus leader in implementing experiential learning classes.  During the first semester of the program, students complete the course “How Do Innovators Think?” Innovation skills are increasingly recognized as the skills that separate students who are prepared for complex life and work environments in the 21st century and those who are not. A focus on creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration is essential to prepare students for the future.

The BSE program transforms lives through meaningful learning experiences, including engaging exercises, simulations, and customized content.  Examples include the Iliad leadership assessment, the Mount Everest Leadership and Team simulation, and the global business strategy competition. The Iliad exercise is modeled after talent development programs used by organizations to identify top talent in their workforce and provides students with insights into their areas for future career development. 

During the second semester, students develop a broad understanding of what a business is, how to run a business, and the vital role of business in society by completing introduction to the business value chain course.

The Fall semester of the second year involves completing a business communications course that provides the communication principles that are so critical for today's managerial leader. In the final semester, students enroll in the capstone requirement that involves completing an internship, service project, undergraduate research project, or international experience.

The BSE program is also a campus leader in offering education abroad opportunities. The global immersion experiences provide opportunities for students to develop an international business perspective by understanding the similarities and differences in the business environment across countries and how heterogeneity in the business environment across countries affects international business practices and strategies. Past short term education abroad experiences have included Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Southeast Asia. 

The BSE program also offers an innovation immersion experience to Silicon Valley and Seattle. The course involves some extensive interactions with a significant number of executives, entrepreneurs, and venture partners (many sessions are led by successful UMD alumni). Past company visits have included Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, Nike, Electronic Arts, Twitter, Starbucks, LinkedIn, Pixar, Intel, and Boeing.

The BSE program is sponsored by the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Students in the BSE program reside in Cumberland Hall.



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