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Business, Society and the Economy explores the worlds of business and economics – especially their impact on society—by learning business and economic fundamentals, visiting corporate leaders and their business both in Washington D.C., area and abroad, simulating real-life business models and engaging in team projects and simulations.

Good business practices, strategies, and ethics are vital to a strong economy. The Business, Society, and Economy (BSE) program not only educates students and prepares them for the ever-changing business world, it inspires active involvement on campus and beyond. The BSE program offers a unique set of opportunities for talented students who desire to engage in innovative curricular and co-curricular learning, including global immersion experiences, teambuilding activities, leadership training, simulations, assessments, and community-service activities.

Case studies of the nation's top companies give students fundamental understanding of how a business is developed from the initial framework to become an economic giant. Studying companies like Cirque du Soleil, Hershey and Harley Davidson, BSE Scholars learn beyond the classroom on research trips to the shows, offices and factories of these innovative businesses.

The BSE program offers students once-in-a-lifetime experiences including meeting with the head of BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, talking with the Chief Financial Officer of the Australian Football League, meeting managers from Southwest Airlines, and attending a lecture delivered by one of only nine Americans who have summited both K2 and Everest. Past study abroad opportunities include Australia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Singapore.

The BSE program is the perfect complement to any major and is appropriate for all who have an interest in learning about business. BSE is a four-semester living and learning program whose colloquium is a fundamental part of the curriculum. In weekly colloquia and a supporting curriculum, students develop a broad understanding of what a business is, how to run a business, and the integral role of business in society. Prominent faculty, business leaders and other experts meet with students, leading to the final semester, in which Scholars complete a business-related project, internship, or community service program. With this capstone project, students apply all they have learned in BSE to challenging and critical real world business situations.

Through the program, BSE Scholars study topics such as brand development, company transformation, and risk management. Whether from in-class debates or international trips, BSE Scholars form connections with other students who share their passion for business.

The BSE program is sponsored by the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Students in the BSE program reside in Cambridge Hall.


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