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The Arts program fosters a collaborative learning environment of students, faculty and artists/scholars and the arts community at large to to stimulate thoughtful discourse on the practical and theoretical applications of art in connection to communicating big ideas with imagination and purpose.

An extraordinary learning community of spirited and creative individuals, the Arts Scholars program attracts a diverse student population from a wide range of academic disciplines. Arts Scholars share common interests in the desire for creative expression and engagement with the arts while being introduced to a broad selection of interdisciplinary topics through thematically inspired colloquia and supporting courses.  

Active Learning

Beyond the classroom, Arts Scholars participate in service-learning engagements with local schools and arts non-profit organizations and cultivate valuable leadership and communication skills through peer mentoring and peer teaching opportunities.  

The program nurtures students’ familiarity with the creative and artistic processes necessary to develop and present works of art though the culmination of a second year capstone project of the student's choosing.  Our students experience a supportive and fertile environment to build upon their successes (and failures) as a community of engaged learners, creative thinkers and responsible citizens.

From award-winning Broadway shows in New York City to the decorated halls of the Kennedy Center and prominent galleries of the Smithsonian's renowned art and history museums, Arts Scholars are introduced to artists, professional ensembles, and world-class institutions each semester. 

Colloquium and Lecture Topics

  • The art of adaptation: reframe, reimagine, recycle
  • Trauma, Transformation and Healing
  • Significance of creative expression as incubator for change/activism
  • Assessing art: examination of the personal connections, cultural value and other factors that influence and stimulate artistic expression and experimentation.
  • Investing in our communities: art/creativity as a reflection of who we are and what we value.
  • Practical applications: exploration of the conceptual and creative processes inherent to a range of artistic mediums and fine arts disciplines.

Curriculum Overview 

The following table represents a typical four-year curriculum, but individual schedules may vary. Details about courses and requirements can be found on the Arts Citation Checklist. 

View, print, or download the Arts Citation Checklist 

Freshman Fall Freshman Spring
Course Credits Course Credits
Scholars Colloquium 1 Scholars Colloquium 1
4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15 4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15
Sophomore Fall Sophomore Spring
Course Credits Course Credits
Scholars Colloquium 1 Scholars Colloquium 1
4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15 Scholars Capstone 2
    4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15

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