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College Park Scholars 20th Anniversary Legacy Fund

A little goes a long way. It’s an expression heard quite frequently from College Park Scholars who are hoping to receive funding for innovative research projects, transportation to an unpaid internship, or an opportunity to study abroad. The College Park Scholars 20thAnniversary Legacy Fund ensures that every Scholars student, regardless of financial barriers, can take advantage of all that Scholars has to offer.

Please help support tomorrow’s leaders, today. Your gift will help students in transformative endeavors, just like these:

Overcoming differences to study abroad

“Receiving a scholarship will allow me to study abroad, a venture I am pursuing on my own without the support of my parents. Because I have chosen to travel to Turkey, a secular yet Islamic nation, my parents are not willing to help pay for any of the associated costs due to religious differences between Hindus and Muslims. I however view this opportunity as a valuable experience, one from which I can learn more about the Islamic faith and rich history of a nation influenced by both Western Europe and the Middle East. I am working over the summer, but I will not have a sufficient amount to pay tuition fees, travel, and housing expenses. I am also ineligible for any financial aid so a scholarship of any amount would help make my pursuits a success.”- Excerpt from a scholarship award application

Building on parents’ sacrifice

“There is an undeniable advantage to being exposed to colloquial terms and different dialects when learning a language in the country of origin. Ever since my parents left the security that their native country provided for them, they have sacrificed a significant amount just to ensure that I would earn a college education. Not only will the scholarship enable me to independently fund the $3,980 program fee and additional airfare costs, it will also support valuable cultural experiences that I will integrate in my future studies and dedication to healthcare.” - Excerpt from a scholarship award application

Ensuring exploration of renewable energy

"I plan on interning at the Department of Energy in the Fossil Fuel department where I will be doing research on renewable energy while gaining professional skills. I’m seeking financial support to help offset the travel costs I will incur going from the Department of Energy to my house over the summer. I think that this experience will deepen my Scholars learning because I will be able to see some of the environmental disparities we have discussed in class first hand and be able to help implement solutions to these problems." - Excerpt from a scholarship award application

A tech success story

In 2011, a group of four STS alumni used scholarship funding to develop an Android application that integrates with Google Maps to find a lost or stolen cell phone. They beat 19 teams from nine universities to win the Booz Allen Hamilton Technical Case Competition – an experience that went on to shape student Eric Rosenberg’s career achievements. Read more.

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