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There are many ways to join or create research projects on campus, often in your major department. The Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research has created a site to investigate those opportunities. Visit to see whether you might find a means to engage in your department's research.


Discovery Research in Scholars

Two types of undergraduate research courses – known as “Discovery” -- are offered to sophomores in College Park Scholars. Discovery offers students a unique opportunity to explore new worlds of special interest. Traditional Discovery and the Library of Congress Discovery courses give students the time, the encouragement, and the methodological training to begin to answer a question of interest. Students in Traditional Discovery and Library of Congress Discovery will answer a research question of particular interest and in a community of research peers. They are taught how to engage in the process of research, the essence of knowledge creation in society and at the university.

In Discovery, you will use one or more of several research methods to collect and analyze your data. A key facet of this journey is reflection. You will be asked to step back regularly from the work of answering your research question to think about the process that you are experiencing. Researchers engage in this same process throughout the University -- and society.

Your communication skills will be enhanced as a result of your involvement in a Discovery course. Communication is an integral part of any research. As you convey your project and findings to peers, instructors, and--ultimately--a larger community of scholars, you will develop an improved capacity to understand your audience and effectively describe your work.

This type of primary research can be done within one of two frameworks that you select:

1) a social, scientific, or humanities research question which you create and study in a traditional 3-credit classroom course

2) through a new Discovery framework offered in conjunction with the wealth of primary sources in the Library of Congress in Washington , D.C. since the Spring 2006 semester.

Discovery Projects give you the time, the means, and the encouragement for creating new knowledge.

Traditional Discovery Research

Special Discovery Option at the Library of Congress

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