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Are you interested in enhancing your academic experience? College Park Scholars and the University of Maryland offer dozens of programs and courses for students interested in studying abroad. From London to Australia, we've got you covered. Whether you want to broaden your cultural borders, make friends, or develop new skills to help you along your career path, studying abroad is open to everyone.

Before you get started, we recommend you review the It's Your World: Student's Guide to Education Abroad1 online handbook. It's a great way to get a feel for what Study Abroad will be like and what you can take away from it.

How will studying abroad benefit you?

Enhance your critical thinking skills
Explore resources of other areas
Learn to improve your language skills
Study your discipline in a new way
Experience personal transformation
Serve other people
Travel to many different places
Be abroad with friends
Live in a friendly community
Expand your problem solving ability
Meet international people
Stay within a budget

Learn about previous travel study experiences coordinated by individual Scholars programs.

Belize: Mayan Culture and the Interface between Tropical Rainforests and Coral Reefs. BSCI288 (Life Sciences)
United Arab Emirates:  BMGT 469D (Business, Society & the Economy). Read the journal by a student from 2014 Dubai course.
Singapore CPSP 379M (Business, Society & the Economy). Read the journal by a student from the 2014 Singapore & Malaysia course. 
[Domestic] U.S. Southwest: Arizona Natural History & Astronomy. GEOL288A (Science, Discovery & the Universe / Science and Global Change)

Talk to your Scholars Program Faculty to find out how participating in one of the following study abroad opportunities might satisfy your Scholars practicum or supporting course requirements:

United Arab Emirates: Global Immersion Experience.  (Business, Society & the Economy) Spring 2015
Southeast Asia: Global Immersion Experience.  CPSP379M/ HONR348C (Business, Society & the Economy)  Winter 2015
Australia: Global Immersion Experience.  CPSP379A / HONR349A (Business, Society & the Economy)  Winter 2015

Travel Study Programs are another great way to go on a journey with fellow students.

[Domestic] Alaska: College Park Scholars in Life Sciences schedule travel to Alaska every few years..
[Domestic] Silicon Valley, Seattle, Washington, Las Vegas, Nevada and Portland, Oregon:   College Park Scholars in Business, Society & the Economy visit entrepreneurs and innovators working in start-up companies to world-wide conglomerates.
San Juan, Puerto Rico: College Park Scholars in Cultures of the Americas examined the culture of Puerto Rico when they visited in Winter 2008.

College Park Scholars also has modest scholarship opportunities for students who are planning to study abroad and for those who have completed their programs successfully. For those planning to study abroad, the Co-curricular Scholarship provides financial assistance to Scholars students who could benefit from support for their participation in Scholars sponsored travel study experiences. Students interested in applying for support should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Assistant Director of Scholars. 

For students who have successfully completed their study abroad program, College Park Scholars offers the Peres Award for Study Abroad to all rising juniors who have earned their College Park Scholars citation. More information about this award, and other College Park Scholars citation awards, may be found on our Citation Awards page. Additionally, please consider opportunities for scholarships involving study abroad.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information or an application to study abroad, please contact:

Study Abroad Office
1101 Holzapfel Hall
(301) 314-7746
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Study Abroad Office Website


1The It's Your World: Student's Guide to Education Abroad online handbook has been reprinted for inclusion in the College Park Scholars Study Abroad website by permission of Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. Copyright 1995-2007. This handbook is the property of Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc and The contents of the handbook are the property of its contributors:

William Hoffa, Amherst College, Primary Author and Editor.
James Buschman, Syracuse University (Part I: Reasons for Studying Abroad)
Donna Mancini, Haverford College (Part II: Selecting the Program for You - Introduction through Location)
William Nolting, University of Michigan (Part II: How to Research Study and Internship, Volunteer and Work Abroad Opportunities; also Resources sections).
Charles Gliozzo, Michigan State University (Part II: Costs and Financial Aid)
Margery Ganz, Spelman College and Kathleen Sideli, Indiana University (Part II: Diversity)
Sally Raymont, Bowling Green State University (Part III: Before You Leave Home)
Heidi Soneson, University of Minnesota (Part IV: Living Abroad)
Pat Martin, University of Pennsylvania (Part V: Reentry) and project coordinator for SECUSSA.

Hoffa, William et. al. It's Your World: Student's Guide to Education Abroad. Ed. William Hoffa. Online. Educational Directories Unlimited. Internet. 6 June 2007.

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