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As you look for ways to make the most of your experience in Scholars and at the University of Maryland, consider the reflections of recent alumni, whose views are presented in “It wasn’t until after I graduated that I realized…”. This brief report illustrates the kinds of activities alumni appreciated (and in some cases wish they’d taken advantage of) and includes specific recommendations for things like finding mentors, developing practical skills, and engaging in broadening experiences.

With so many opportunities available to students, navigating different facets of college life can be challenging. Below, we break down some of the more significant experiences and offer some helpful advice to walk through the process and maximize your time while you embark on your undergraduate journey.  

Study Abroad
College Park Scholars supports and offers various study abroad opportunities throughout the year. Some of its most noted travels include events in The Galapagos Islands, Belize, Australia, Argentina, Dubai, and Morocco, among others. Please visit our Study Abroad page for an in-depth look at the choices and experiences offered by our living-learning community.

Undergraduate Research
As a core facet of the College Park Scholars mission, the community incorporates extensive research opportunities into its academic structure. The traditional discovery research and the special discovery option at the Library of Congress are offered as means to develop and investigate stimulating, often critical questions. Please visit our Undergraduate Research page for more information on these programs and general undergraduate research.
Insightful, hands-on experiences have become an integral part of the college experience. College Park Scholars provides a copious list of ways to approach and secure internships, with on campus initiatives and opportunities, as well as off campus experiences and resources. Please visit our Internships page for more information.

Community Service-Learning
In the College Park Scholars community, there is a consistent emphasis placed on community service learning as a bridge to personal enlightenment and development. As a living-learning program, Scholars organizes and hosts a series of events throughout the academic year for the purpose of teaching through service. Service Day, the “Step Up to Bat for Kids” Charity Softball Tournament, and Lakeland STARS are a few of our most successful community service opportunities that emerge every year. Please visit our Web site to learn more about Scholars commitment to service learning.

Available need-based and merit-based scholarships are offered nationally and statewide, as well as through the university, individual colleges within the university, and College Park Scholars. Our program has the resources to help with the search for financial opportunities and assistance. Please visit our Scholarships page to look into your options.

Departmental Honors
Many honors programs at Maryland begin in a student's junior year. Pursuing departmental honors at Maryland enhances one's education and opens doors for motivated students, providing even more exposure to competitive academia. Please visit our Departmental Honors page to find the proper sources to consult for further information.


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