College Park Scholars

Strategic Plan


College Park Scholars will provide a national model for living-learning programs that promotes the scholarly and interpersonal growth of each student through active learning and intellectual exchange. Academic excellence, assessment, and program innovations will advance Scholars’ already stellar set of interdisciplinary programs that encourages new students to thrive in and beyond the University.


To accomplish its mission, College Park Scholars will achieve the following goals:

Provide an exceptional array of Scholars programs, drawing on the breadth of intellectual opportunity at Maryland, that: readily recruits students to the University; maintains high academic standards; and promotes the value of community that is the hallmark of College Park Scholars.

Strengthen students’ learning through innovative teaching and mentoring.

Continue on-going improvement initiatives through implementing recommendations from annual reports and learning outcomes assessments, and expanding recognized best practices.

Recruit and admit future classes of steadily increasing academic talent and diversity of demographics, intellectual interests, experiences, and backgrounds.

Expand the opportunity to provide the College Park Scholars experience to future classes of academically talented students admitted to the University of Maryland.


1. Develop faculty’s innovative teaching to advance students’ intellectual and personal development.

2. Expand the use of Scholars’ stated Best Practices -- such as intentional community building, qualitatively unique and strong academic rigor, active and reflective learning -- to include peer teaching, undergraduate research, internships, and service learning.

3. Foster relationships with campus faculty and staff to ensure continued faculty commitment to College Park Scholars, and strengthen connections to the local community and region -- both programmatically and on behalf of individual Scholars students -- through off-campus service, internship, and research activities.

4. Expand existing campus partnerships such as the Libraries; the Career, Counseling, and Health Centers; the Center for Teaching Excellence; the Young Scholars Program; Study Abroad; and the Department of Resident Life.

5. Ensure a qualitatively distinct learning experience for sophomore Scholars that accelerates the development of professional competencies through research, internships, study abroad and other experiential-learning practica.

6. Tap the available resources within sophomore classes to mentor first-year students.

7. Cultivate College Park Scholars alumni to enhance the initiatives of the College Park Scholars Alumni Association.

8. Expand Scholars recruitment and admissions efforts to matriculate increasingly talented and diverse classes of students.

9. Collaborate with the University System of Maryland, campus colleges and TRIO programs on STEM outreach initiatives.

10. Enhance Scholars Web presence and print materials.

11. Assess the capacity and opportunity for expansion of College Park Scholars to 14 programs.

College Park Scholars

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